Oldal kiválasztása

Yesterday I have completed a DSHD online Agile Product Owner course of Gerilla Mentor Club. (For the ones who are too young to remember floppy disk nomenclature, DSHD stands for Double-sided, High Density…) It was a good refreshment of my knowledge on the topic, as in the last three years I could not use my decade-old experience in agile.

The course is not public, however, the presenter well deserves to be mentioned here: he is Árpád Tóth, Product Owner, PSPO I, PSM I, Public Speaking Enthusiast, who exhibited not only a deep knowledge on the topic, but also great presentation skill and stamina (try to hold an 8-hours presentation with some 5-minutes and a 30-minutes break, and you will see what I mean).

The key of his presentation were the practical examples, which illustrated clearly how the theory can (or must not) be implemented in practice. We got also a thorough introduction into the Spotify agile model, demystifying how and why it works, and how can it be successfully adapted by other companies. (BTW: I saw some elements of it working well in Graphisoft.)

So to cite Neo from The Matrix: „Now I know kung-fu!” – again. 😉