Oldal kiválasztása

What is Python, besides its Monty version? As https://www.python.org/ says: „Python is a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively.”

What gives learning Python an actuality is that it is a very popular open source programming language for developing artificial intelligence applications. I learnt programming (at a certain point of my professional life I even taught it), and I also learnt AI at the university, so to dig deeper to AI than to write some ChatGPT prompts, I have chosen to learn a way to get the machines to help me to mine their power. (BTW: how can one dig a wave?)

Deep Learning is a subset of Machine Learning, which is a subset of AI. ChatGPT and the others fall into the Deep Learning category

I still don’t think my Python is as good as my Java or Delphi (these are also programming languages), but practice makes the master! Long live Open Source! And Long Live Lifelong Learning!